Nooks And Crannies Of A Golf Bag

Got your first golf bag? Unlike other types of bags, golf bags are designed in a way to hold golfing equipment safely and securely. There are other features available in this type of bag to hold specific items for golfing.

If you’re a newbie to golf bags, read on and we’ll discuss various parts and features of the golf bag.

Golf clubsOne of the key functionalities of this type of bags is the dividers. Like other bags, dividers are used to compartmentalize objects found in the bag. It’s helpful in identifying and organizing the items found. It also aids in the ease of access to your equipment. Some bags, however, have no dividers. Think of an archer’s quiver, in this case. They are designed in such a way that it’s one big comparment to hold your golf clubs.

Some bags, on the other hand, have multiple dividers, which only restrict one club in a single compartment. This is for meticulous owners who prefer that their clubs do not intermingle and brush against each other. Also, it is easier to draw a club from a single compartment. A specific compartment is called the putter well. As the name implies, this is designed to segregate the putter from the golf clubs. This is done to avoid damage on the clubs, and to restrict the clubs from damaging the putter’s head.

As with other types of bags, golf bags have number pockets as well. However, these differ in such a way that it holds various items specific for golfing, such as tees, golf shoes spikes, and golf balls. When looking at bags with multiplex pockets, always decide on the type of gear and number of items you have. As much as possible, you would want to have some basic pockets present in your bag, namely the apparel pocket, the valuables pocket, and a beverage holster.

Golf-bagThe apparel pocket is essential for your clothing needs, such as windbreakers in case of a match during dire conditions. Meanwhile, valuables pockets help secure the important items such as cell phone and other gadgets. Finally, you can’t beat the convenience found by opting to buy a bag with a beverage holster. An umbrella holder is also a great feature to find when choosing a bag.

Straps are also found in golf bags. When looking for a bag, always try it on and see if the straps and handles are placed in areas that are convenient and easy for you. This is to ensure that you will have an easy time handling and changing gears when you need to. The number of straps is also a consideration that must be done. For players who tend to walk a lot on the field, a single strap bag would be the perfect option. Meanwhile, a backpack style, dual strap bag would be better for those who don’t bring their bags regularly or walk on the field oftenly.
Golf equipmentRain hoods are another feature that some golf bags contain. These ensure protection during wet season, and helps maintain your items dry while you play. Like a windbreaker, it helps by shielding your items from water.

When buying a bag, you must always consider the type of player you are. Function must always come before the form, other wise you would just be throwing away money on functions that you do not need. You will be using your bag a lot, so it’s always important to find the one that fits perfectly on your playing style and needs. The bag will be your partner on the field, so take time and examine yourself before you get one.

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